Privacy Policy

Personal Data

Codekvast does not collect any personal information except the email addresses of the users that shall have access to the collected data.

Only the email address itself is stored, attached to the Codekvast license it belongs to.

The actual authentication (login) is done by third-party login providers (currently Facebook, GitHub and Google).

Codekvast does not under any circumstances disclose the stored email addresses to third parties.

Collected Data

Codekvast collects data about your application's code base including

  • Method names
  • Application names and versions
  • Environment names
  • Invocation timestamps
  • OS name and version
  • JVM name and version
  • Hostnames

The collected data is only available to authenticated users attached to the correct Codekvast license.

Codekvast does never disclose any of the collected data to third parties.

Centralized logging

Anonymized access and application logs are stored on Datadog. The Datadog account is only accessible to Codekvast system operators.
Personal data is never logged to Datadog.

Datadog log retention period is 7 (seven) days.

Database backups

Codekvast data is backed up to Amazon S3 every 24 hours with a retention period of 7 (seven) days.

GDPR Compliance

Codekvast complies with GDPR in the following way:


Codekvast sets the following browser cookies:

  • sessionToken (for identifying a logged-in user)
  • XSRF-TOKEN (for protecting against Cross Site Request Forgery)
  • AWSELB (for maintaining load balancer session stickyness)
  • JSESSIONID (for the login procedure)

All of these are needed to provide the service.


Since there is no personal data stored in Codekvast except the email address, Codekvast has not implemented any additional takeout function.

Forget me

Send an email to with your email address, and we will delete your on-line account within 14 working days.

Since the offline database backups are rotated every seven days, you will be completely forgotten within 21 days.

Google Analytics

Codekvast uses Google Analytics for tracking how the dashboard is utilized.
No personal data is sent to Google Analytics in addition to standard items like IP address, User Agent and so on.

Google Analytics data is retained for 30 days.

Updated 17 September 2018