Codekvast Agent 1.3.1 released

27 November 2019

Codekvast Agent version 1.3.1 has been released.

Download from Codekvast Downloads.

The agent jar (including sources) is also available on jcenter with the Maven coordinates io.codekvast:codekvast-agent:1.3.1.

News in this version:

  • codekvast-agent now simply refuses to start if missing any mandatory config parameter and -Dcodekvast.enabled=true.

Previously, it threw an exception.

Now it just logs "Codekvast is disabled" and then lets the app loading proceed without aspect weaving.

This makes it even simpler to modify the start script and add -javaagent:codekvast-agent.jar -Dcodekvast.enabled=true
without having to wait for mandatory config to be in place.

Mandatory config:

  • codekvast.appName
  • codekvast.codeBase
  • codekvast.packages

See also Getting Started.