codekvast-demo1 launched

13 August 2017

codekvast-demo1 has been launched.

It allows you to see Codekvast in action without having a Heroku app.

codekvast-demo1 is a small Spring Boot app, that is instrumented with Codekvast Agent. (It replaces codekvast-sample1 that was launched a week ago. Please update your bookmarks!)

It is able to emulate heroku addons:open codekvast so that you can jump to Codekvast Warehouse without being logged in to Heroku.

Go ahead to codekvast-demo1 and kick the Codekvast tyres!

Feedback is welcome!

See Contact for ways to contact the team.

Heroku Alpha testers are still welcome!

Drop a mail to if you are interested.