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Thu 15 June 2017

Codekvast now supports Spring Boot executable jars

Posted by Olle Hallin in news   

Codekvast Agent 0.21.2 has been released.

The agent now supports Spring Boot executable jar files.

Spring Boot optionally creates executable jar files with a custom nested jar format.

The Java platform does not natively support nested jar files, and the normal method for creating single-jar Java applications is to use what is called shadowing.

A shadow jar is created by unpacking all participating jars to a temporary directory which then is packed to the shadow jar.

This is a source of bugs, since if many jars contain the same resource only one of them will survive the shadowing process.

Spring Boot has taken a different approach, which includes a custom class loader and nested jars within the single packed parent jar.

Codekvast has been enhanced to understand this format.

Codekvast Agent 0.21.2 is available for download from Bintray.